Massive Success

Well, we may not yet have a bouldering season in the works, but things are looking hopeful with such great volunteers. Our AGM was attended by 15 people this year, and we had an awesome time on the new mats afterwards. New mats have been a pipe dream of the club since its inception, and its mindblowing to see the dream come true.

HUGE shoutout to the sponsors and volunteers. Without you guys none of this would have been possible:

Sponsors: Williams Lake Community Forest, Williams Lake and District Credit Union, West Fraser Truckers Association

Volunteers and install supply donors: Cameo Truss, Alex Fraser Research Forest, Matt Cote, Emma Swabey, Janae Miller, Ethan Bryce, Dustin MacDonald, Ryan Grady, Ekai Jorgenson, Rona and Red Tomato Pies for discounts.

I am pleased to welcome our new Secretary Pete Stone and our new Treasurer Emma Swabey. Without you guys volunteering, this club could not continue to exist!

I am also pleased to welcome Aysha Nesbitt to a new role with the club, Youth Outreach Director. Aysha will be chasing leads with associations such as the Williams Lake Boys and Girls Club, and Williams Lake Scouts.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping out with the club or has an idea for a project you would like to spearhead, please reach out to us at

Action items for 2022 include:

  • Get bouldering season/gym operational: more discussion is required with the school district, and this will be attacked on multiple fronts by Ekai, Aysha, and Alana.
  • Investigate possible partnership with the gymnastics club: Kelsey has volunteered to dig into this.
  • Improve trails at esler: this mostly involves reducing branches and trying to reduce use impacts to the forest. Lawrence volunteered to head this up.
  • Close out WLCF contract: photos of the mat in use, with signage donated by Matt and Tell-Tale signs visible, were taken during climb session. Ekai to compile report and submit.
  • A new contract with the CRMC needs to be signed: Ekai to continue talks.
  • COVID protocols: we need to make sure our protocols are up to date and meet or exceed industry standards. Mae has volunteered to dig into this and update as needed.
  • Shirt design: Ekai will initiate round 2 of WLCA tee shirts. Accepting shirt designs, and we talked about maybe having a design contest.
  • More fundraisers? Movie nights? It would be awesome if someone organizationally minded could take on fundraising! our coffers are low after mat purchasing and not being able to operate for 1.5+ years. Aysha may dig into using the Gibraltar room or other to show a sport related movie (the alpinist?)
  • More online presence: We need more blog posts, fb posts! Kristian brought up instagram and volunteered to help generate content for it, so keep your eyes peeled for that and chuck us a follow! (@wlclimbingassociation)

Annual General Meeting! (and bouldering sesh?)

This year our Annual General Meeting is going to be live and in-person. and hopefully will involve climbing. Currently the plan is to hold it at the climbing facility (Williams Lake Secondary, 640 Carson Drive) on Tuesday September 28th at 6:30PM. If you would prefer to attend virtually, we can set that up for you.

You DO NOT need to be a member to attend, and EVERYONE is welcome.

Topics for discussion:

  1. Minutes approval from last year’s AGM
  2. Performance in 2021
    • Financial Update
    • COVID struggles
    • New mats & school contact (thanks to volunteers!)
  3. Upcoming 2021/2022 season
    • Current state with school district
    • New contract with pool
    • Insurance
  4. Job descriptions
    • We need 4 volunteers to operate
      • Responsible for gym for 1.5h 1 day a week
      • Will receive training in season beginning – need to shadow an experienced volunteer for at least 1 session.
      • Sign people in, show up on time, open gym, lock up gym, etc.
    • We need 3 executive to operate (BC Societies)
      • President – responsible for club direction, club.
      • Secretary – take agm minutes, communication related responsibilities
      • Treasurer – do annual financial reporting, responsible for bank account
    • Can elect special directors to focus on other areas, for example:
      • Social media/community engagement
      • Outdoor climbing (esler) promotional role
      • Events coordinator (fundraisers, classes, etc)
      • Propose your own!
  5. Nominations/Voting
  6. Open floor
    • Please bring forward ideas, complaints, action items.
  7. Photo op and quick bouldering session
    • WLSS vice Principal has agreed to let us use the room for the night
    • We need photos for the WLCF grant reporting of the finished mat
    • More people = more impressive photos!
    • Have fun climbing

Directions: come in to the student parking lot, which is accessed from Carson Drive (the steep hill) just below Clearview Cres. Walk down the stairs next to the gym towards the field. You will be walking next to a solar heating wall. Once you hit the field, spin around 180 degrees. You will see three sets of double doors into the gym up a few stairs. The right most set of doors will be propped open, and that is where you are headed. If you end up in a large gymnasium with people playing soccer or basketball or volleyball, you went too far left. The correct space will have a climbing wall and a bunch of workout equipment.

sneak peak!

Summer is here!

Spring has sprung and the climbing out at Esler is fantastic! Send us a message if you need help finding your way out there. The road is in great shape (when dry). This photo was taken April 5th and currently I am pleased to report zero snow, very little mud, and completely dry rock!

Edit: Check out our new pages for directions to Esler as well as some new photos. Pages located under ‘INFO’ in main menu.

Please practice “leave no trace” when out there! its not actively managed by anybody! Its up to you to leave it a better place than when you found it! Pack out what you pack in, as the garbage can onsite is not currently collected by anybody.

Also on that note, ALWAYS check the bolts! Check your anchors, chains, rings, etc! Your safety is in your hands. Dont assume that its safe just because its a bolt, and rockfall can happen at any time.

On the Club front, we have the following news:

-No word from the School District yet as to October season start, keep those fingers and toes crossed! Hopfully with high vaccination rates, they will open it back up to the public.
-Thanks to the School District contributing funds, our project with the WLCF and our other supporting donors to replace the mats in the bouldering cave is officially moving forward! The foam has been picked up, and once we have the cover, we will coordinate a volunteer weekend to help installation. Stay tuned to the facebook page for updates!
-We will be having our 2021 AGM this fall/winter and will be looking for someone to take over the treasurer position, which MUST be filler to continue operating as a club! please contact us if interested. Training will be provided!


AGM Date 2020

Our Annual General Meeting for 2020 will be held on Tuesday, December 8th. It will be held on Zoom

You can support our club by just showing up! You can support our club even more by becoming part of the executive or by bringing a project forward! We desperately need community involvement in order to keep this club alive!

Topics of discussion:

  • 2020 Season summary
  • 2020 financial update
  • WLCF Grant update
  • 2021 bouldering season update
  • Director positions – Ideas for club direction/efforts?
  • 2021 Executive elections

Zoom info:

Meeting ID: 861 0070 4275
Please email for a zoom meeting invite/password!

Sad Times at Lake City High

I know you are all looking forward to our upcoming spring session and solving all our great new problems. Unfortunately, the Spring Session is cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Thank you for your understanding and patience. As the media release states, any fees already paid will be refunded.
Stay socially distant and keep up the hand washing!

New Routes + AGM!

Thanks to the hard work of our AMAZING volunteers, the cave has been stripped, cleaned, fixed, and (mostly) put back up.

Morgan and Emily provided some killer new volume shapes, which we painted (and repainted some old ones) and mounted up. With tons of cool new shapes in here, the options and routes are limitless! We still have some holds left over so come on by and leave your mark, learn to set, and build your own route, or just send some of the cool new features already set up!

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled  for the 26th, but with all thats going on, we will delay it. Keep it in mind though! it is an opportunity to become involved in Williams Lake Climbing, we are always looking for volunteers to run the climb nights, as well as volunteers to operate the club, organize events, build volumes, generate merchandise, or whatever you think up! We require 3 VPs in order to continue to operate as a society, and the more people that come to the AGM the better.

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see gym for more info or email

Spring Climbing Season!

Climbing is closed until March 31 (pending COVID-19 development, of course!), at which point we are planning on resuming our usual Tuesday/Thursday 6pm – 9pm operations.

Spring season goes from March 31st until May 7th and is only $30. Thats as little as $2.50 per visit!

Register through the Rec Center (the pool) or online by following this link:

Bouldering is located under “Adult Sports”.

Alternatively, come on by our gym and check it out before registering, first day is free and ask about drop-in rates!

Spring Program Begins Tonight!

First night of the spring season is tonight, runs every Tuesday and Thursday, 6-9pm until May 9th.

Register here (if you go in to the rec centre and prove you live in town you get the cheaper rate).

See you there,